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From a young age, I was surrounded by a culture which celebrates life through dance. I found great joy in performing traditional folklore at school, which fostered a sense of expression through movement and body awareness. This inspired me many years later to embark on a long, arduous journey of becoming a professional dancer.


Throughout my dance training and career, I developed a fondness for giving and receiving massages and various typeses of bodywork treatments from peers and professionals. Our bodies needed much care from such long days of hard training. 

After obtaining my Bachelor's in Contemporary Dance and some years of working as a professional dancer, I became increasingly drawn to body-centred therapies.


In 2012, I started my career as a massage and Shiatsu therapist. Building on the knowledge I had gained from my four-year Shiatsu education in Amsterdam, along with my experience from all those years of dance and additional traditional massage courses.


Later, while in a challenging chapter of life, I was introduced to Craniosacral Biodynamics in addition to cognitive therapy. 

This practice complemented my mental and emotional work wonderfully, as I was able to let my body process and integrate the topics I discussed with my therapist. It felt like a whole new world had opened up, and I knew immediately that that was something I wanted to learn one day. 


On December 2015, my partner and I first crossed paths in Barcelona. That day marked the birth of a new chapter in our lives. It also ignited the sparkle which envisioned our joint venture. He, a psychiatrist, was the perfect match for working together. 

I relocated to Zurich in 2017 and, together with my partner, we collaborated with a group of therapists from various modalities, including Psychology and Acupuncture. We founded 'New Leaves Gemeinschaftpraxis', a specialized center that offered mental health support at both psychological and physical levels.


After completing distinct craniosacral education programs in Hamburg and Switzerland, the Swiss health insurance system officially recognised and approved my treatments.


In the past five years, we have had the privilege to work with a significant number of clients and have seen them evolve. This has been an amazing experience for us as therapists, in which we have grown and continue to learn. We are thankful to have had the chance to offer our service and observe the improvements in our clients' lives. Moreover, the combination of psychotherapy and body therapy has been remarkable, providing deep and lasting effects for those we have worked with and continue to do so.

As of February 2023, my partner and I founded 'Holistic Practice', and our journey together continues there. 

I look forward to new opportunities and would be delighted if you could come and visit us. If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. 



Orestes Léon Hellewegen

Education & Training

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  • 2001-2005 Bachelor Modern Dance, 'CODARTS',  Rotterdam

  • 2009 - 2014'IOKAI' Shiatsu Professional Training Program, Amsterdam

  • 2012 Sport Massage bei Leffelaar, Amsterdam

  • 2012 Several Deep Tissue and Myofascial realignment workshops bei Michel Dumonceau, Amsterdam

  • 2013 Shiatsu for chair massage bei Held work, Delft

  • 2017 'Visionary Craniosacral Work' C1 & C2 with Hugh Milne, Bali.

  • 2017 Touch of Presence 'Introduction Course'         with Giorgia Milne, Hamburg.

  • 2017 IOKAI Shiatsu seminar with K. Sasaki, St Laurent du Pape.

  • 2017-2019 Touch of Presence 'Intensive' with Giorgia Milne, Hamburg

  • 2022 Complementary Therapist with Certificate OdAKT, method Craniosacral Therapy

  • 2021 - 2022 Assistance for the Touch of Presence intensive course with Giorgia Milne, Hamburg

  • 2022 - 'Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises' TRE®  at Steve Haines

  • 2022 - Further education 'The Rules of the Vascular Tree, Applied Biodynamics for Metabolic Health' bei Michael Shea, Schwellbrunn, Switzerland

  • 2023 - Further education 'Visceral Treatment 1' with Daniel Agustoni in Basel

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