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Intuitive Relaxation Massage

A classic and intuitive relaxation massage offers an intensely revitalizing and soothing experience to help you escape life's daily stresses and strains. This type of massage involves dynamic stroking movements, kneading, and variable pressure to massage the whole body or specific parts, depending on your needs. Through the power of touch and warmth, this massage provides an intensive break to help you relax and unwind.


The basis of my massage technique is classical massage. However, it is influenced by Shiatsu, trigger points, deep-tissue massage, craniosacral therapy and other techniques. This results in an intuitive, relaxing massage that I adapt to your specific needs and circumstances.

The positive effects of treatment can be:

  • Release of tension and loosening of tense muscles.

  • General improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow, promoting detoxification.

  • Increasing the range of motion.

  • It provides a sense of anchorage and inner peace.

  • It reconnects you with your body and the moment.  

  • It brings deep relaxation and improved well-being. 



The massages are performed with oils, but can also be done in the Shiatsu tradition, without oils and in comfortable, loose clothing. 

All treatments are performed on a massage table.

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