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Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu & Massage

Health insurance

Orestes Hellewegen is recognized by the health insurance companies listed in the EMR (Erfahrungs Medizinisches Register) and by Visana.

For a partial reimbursement of the fees, a supplementary insurance for complementary medicine is necessary.

I recommend that you contact your health insurance company to see if your supplementary insurance will cover part of the costs. 


Orestes Hellewegen, ZSR-Number: H904064 (Craniosacral Therapy)


Fee info

A Craniosacral Session lasts between 70 and 90 minutes. CHF 11.- per 5 minutes / CHF 132.- per hour


Basic Insurance

The services for Psychiatric-Psychotherapeutic Treatment are covered as outpatient treatment costs by the basic health insurance. Depending on the insurance model, a prior referral by your family doctor or contacting the insurance company is necessary. 


If preferred, the costs can be covered by the patient him/herself. The hourly rate is 200 CHF/hour.


Fee Infomation

One session lasts 60 minutes and costs CHF 150 per hour.


Health Insurance

The approval process for billing a health insurance listed in the EMR is currently under review.

Appointment cancellations

Scheduled appointments that cannot be attended must be cancelled 24 hours prior to the session via E-Mail or


Unless other arrangements are made, uncancelled sessions will be charged fully.


Exception: emergency/illness.

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