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Psychotherapy prescription model and psychiatric assessment for the continuation of outpatient therapy after 30 sessions

Anordnung Psychotherapy

The prescribing doctors refer the patient for psychotherapy. Usually for 15 sessions.

The psychological psychotherapists inform the prescribing doctors whether the therapy must be continued beyond 15 sessions.

The prescribing doctor issue a second referral for further 15 sessions. If additional sessions are necessary, the psychotherapists will prepare the form "Application for continuation of psychological psychotherapy after the 30th session".
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The prescribing doctor consult psychiatrists who assess the case and prepare a report for further cost approval. This is then sent via the prescribing doctor to the health insurer's medical officer.

The prescribing doctors can be general practitioners, psychiatrists and pediatricians.

IMPORTANT: Appointment requests can only be made by treating psychotherapists via online booking. In order to prepare the collaboration ideally, I ask for personal contact, preferably via e-mail, with the respective psychotherapist.

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